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We are your source for a diverse array of fabrics, including various linen and linen blends, as well as hemp and rami materials. Our offerings range from loom state to PFD, and extend to finished, dyed, yarn dyed, or coated fabrics. It is important to note that we exclusively supply fabrics, not end products, giving you the creative freedom to shape your unique vision.

We offer a wide range of options, including 100% linen fabrics in various weights for different applications. Additionally, our collection features innovative linen blends that combine the timeless appeal of linen with materials like cotton, viscose, tencel, nylon, polyester, silk, and wool. These blends result in fabrics that are not only stylish but also functional.

Our collection does not end at linen and its blends. We also proudly showcase natural fabrics like rami and hemp, both on their own as well as blended with other materials. These fibers bring their unique qualities to the table, adding depth and character to our collection.

At the heart of Northern Linen’s collection lies our Prepared for Dyeing (PFD) range. Stemming from our core offerings, these fabrics are bleached, presenting a blank canvas primed for dyeing. From featherweight 100-gram options suitable for breathable attire to substantial 360-gram selections ideal for home textiles like curtains, our PFD assortment caters to diverse needs.

While many PFD fabrics feature plain weaves, we also offer intricate patterns including twill, dobby, satin and panama weaves. This array empowers artisans to experiment with textures and designs that align with their visions.

The PFD fabrics we provide typically range in width from 140 to 150 centimeters and are available in roll lengths ranging from 30 to over 100 meters, which varies based on the fabric’s weight.

Next to PFD, our collection includes greige and semi-greige qualities, embracing the natural aesthetic of linen. At Northern Linen, our PFD fabrics exemplify our commitment to creative expression, offering a spectrum of possibilities for your artistic journey.

The Northern Linen Fast Colour Program (FCP) is a dynamic segment within our esteemed Northern Linen collection. This part of the collection offers carefully chosen high-quality fabrics with the latest on-trend colors and patterns. These fabrics are available in dyed and yarn-dyed options, and we keep them in stock for quick supply so our customers can stay Fashion-forward any time.

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At Northern Fabrics we provide a wide range of certified viscose’s, polyesters and cottons, as well as blends. Our main focus is on prepared for dyeing fabrics. Although on request we are also fully capable of supplying dyed or digitally printed material.

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With our brand, Linopersempre, we transcend the ordinary. By harnessing unique coating techniques, revolutionary dyeing methods, and cutting-edge digital printing, we transform visions into reality.

We actively source the latest trends to offer you an unmatched selection. We create custom fabrics, including the likes of gold, chalk, or silver-coated textiles, tailor-made colors, meticulously designed yarn dyes, and exquisite indigo-dyed articles. Our collection thrives on diversity, offering everything from the most breathable linens to opulent which allow our collection to always keep up with fashion and market.